China’s innovation capacity ranks 14th in the world

China’s innovation capacity ranks 14th in the world

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The Chinese Research Institute of Technology Development Strategy published the “Report of State Innovation Indexes 2020” on 03.06.2021. According to the report, China’s innovation capability ranks 14th in the world. Compared to the previous year, China is one place higher. China is also the only developing country within the top 15 places and also the only country whose investment intensity for R&D is above 2%.

According to the report, China always ranks first in the number of research personnel. In addition, the number of scientific papers published by China is increasing and it is ranked 2nd in the world.

Overall, China scored 72.5 points on the Innovation Index. The difference between China and the countries from 10th to 13th place (Great Britain, Finland, France, Ireland) is only 0.2 -1.8 points. That is, China is almost at the same level in innovation as many developed countries from Europe.


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