About CCC

Who we are

The China Central Conusltants GmbH was founded in 1994. As an experienced consulting firm specializing in collaboration across politics, economics, industry, technology, society, culture, and education between China, Germany, and the European Union, the company has assisted governments, chambers of commerce, and businesses on both sides in maximizing opportunities. With a diverse team of experts, the company provides tailored solutions, granting its clients sustainable competitive advantages in their development.

As a longstanding member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in North Rhine-Westphalia, based in Düsseldorf, the German Sino Communication Consulting GmbH promotes exchange and collaboration between China and Germany, as well as between China and the EU, in various fields such as politics, economics, industry, trade, logistics, society, culture, and education. Thanks to its rich experience and expertise in local areas such as politics, economics, culture, society, as well as the applicable laws and regulations, the company has successfully initiated diverse exchange and cooperation projects between German and Chinese cities, institutions, and companies in the mentioned fields. These achievements have earned recognition and approval from globally and regionally renowned companies in various sectors, including renewable energy, equipment manufacturing, digital simulation, port logistics, chemistry, agricultural machinery, food processing, and wholesale. The company has established a strong and positive reputation and image in political, economic, and academic circles on both sides.

Our Philosophies

Corporate Foundation – Our core value is trust, and our pursuit is innovation.

In our business philosophy, trust forms the foundation upon which we build relationships. Innovation is our ongoing aspiration and the driving force for continual development and improvement. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions and seizing new opportunities in the market and industry to assist our clients in becoming leaders in their respective fields.

Insightfulness – We challenge conventional thinking and discover competitive advantages with a fresh perspective.

Breaking traditional thought patterns, we seek innovative solutions to challenges. Our clients benefit from unique insights and expertise that we provide.

Excellence – We achieve outstanding results by constantly challenging ourselves.

We set high standards and strive for excellence in everything we do. We value the development and promotion of talent within our team and cultivate long-term, stable, and trusting relationships with our clients.

Win-Win Approach – Rational thinking with empathy at the core.

We offer thoughtful, responsible, and personalized services to meet our clients’ specific goals and needs. We provide tailored solutions and personalized support.

Our Teams

Our team comprises versatile, cross-industry, multilingual, and internationally experienced professionals. With decades of experience in areas such as international site marketing and presentation, market expansion and strategy, project management and operations, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate investments and financing, international law, and taxation, we possess comprehensive expertise. Our team stands out for innovative ideas and has access to a broad and deep network of resources. We provide timely and efficient tailored services along with practical solutions.

Sichuan Province Representative Office

China Central Consultants is also the contact office and representative office of Sichuan Province in Europe: