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1.Marketstrategies & Expansion:

  • Industry Analysis and Forecast: Detailed analysis of relevant industries in China and Germany, focusing on the current state and future trends.
  • Market Entry Strategy Research: Examination and provision of the best strategies for market entry, taking into account market volume, competitive situation, and other factors.
  • Investment Opportunities and Strategy Analysis: Analysis of potential investment opportunities and development of corresponding strategies.
  • Investment Feasibility Studies and Policy Analysis: Conducting studies on investment feasibility and analyzing relevant political frameworks.

2.Project Management and Operations:

  • Project Planning Creation: Consulting services for the creation of project plans.
  • Project Implementation and Maintenance: Support for the implementation, maintenance, and coordination of projects.
  • Project Cost and Progress Management: Services for managing project costs and progress, as well as coordination.

3.Brand Strategy and Management:

  • Strategic Consulting Based on Analysis and Data: Providing strategic opportunities at the macro level, including business realignment, product development, innovative business models, identification of market demand, assessment of potential consumer groups and drivers, building brand image, and strategic advantage.

4.Corporate Investment A-Z Service:

  • Complete Investment Services: Providing services for bilateral investments, including site selection, personnel selection, team management, immigration and visa services, market entry strategies, etc.

5.Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting:

  • Consultation on Investment Incentives and Timing Decisions: Consultation on decision-making regarding investment incentives and timing.
  • Accuracy of M&A Target Evaluation: Providing accurate analysis of M&A targets, as well as legal and tax advice in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

6.Corporate Finance Consulting:

  • Consultation on Financing Channels and Planning: Providing consulting services for various financing channels and plans, including mergers and restructurings, financing through M&A, and integration.

Industrial Parks

1.Benchmark Analysis:

  • Analysis of Industry Similarity/Complementarity: Comparative analysis to determine whether businesses in an industrial area represent similar or complementary industries, aiming to identify collaboration and synergy opportunities.
  • Tracking the Development Trends of the Industry Chain: Monitoring the development paths of companies within the industry chain to understand the overall picture of industrial ecosystem development.
  • Focus on Industrial Parks and Target Companies: Concentration on attracting projects in industrial parks, precise positioning, identification of target companies, and evaluation of alignment with benchmark companies and projects.

2. Bilateral Investments:

  • Comprehensive Service: Providing a comprehensive service package for bilateral investments in industrial parks, including site selection, personnel recruitment, team management, immigration services, industry chain support, and guidance on market entry plans.

3. Matching Services:

  • Solutions for Matching Services between Industrial Parks in China and Germany/Europe: Providing solutions to promote collaboration and synergies between industrial parks and advising companies in these areas. Focus on promoting industrial advantages between industrial parks.

4. International Site Marketing:

  • Analysis of Industry Form and Industry Chain Connections: Excavating collaboration opportunities based on the industry form and industry chain connections between industrial parks in China and Germany/Europe.
  • Recruitment of Projects for Industry Chain Connections: Identification and introduction of projects that support industry chain connections between industrial parks.


Investment Promotion Consulting:

  • Comprehensive Research in Various Areas: Conducting research in strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing, modern services, and other sectors.
  • Industry-Specific Research: Providing services for examining industry characteristics and conducting policy benchmark analyses.
  • Consultation for Investment-Promoting Measures: Developing targeted and practical consulting solutions to promote investments.

2. Channel Expansion and International Site Marketing:

  • Development of Key Industries: Expanding high-quality political-economic channels for development in key industries that are significant for both China and Germany/Europe.
  • Conducting Economic and Trade Promotion Events: Organizing major events to promote economic and trade investments and exchange. These events aim to advertise the investment environment and project resources on both sides.
  • Promotion of Cooperation and Exchange: Expanding cooperation channels, identifying collaboration opportunities, introducing joint projects, and promoting the establishment of friendly relationships between the cities on both sides.